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Flow features

Saves space on your stairs
with an unobtrusive
monorail tube.
Ergonomic position with
comfortable low seat and
less knee fl exion.
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Rotates while moving
thanks to patented
ASL Technology.
Extra safety and
comfort with foldable
curved armrests
makes it easy to
get on and offff .
Extra, secured
fi xation provided
by seatbelt.
Auto Stop Function
means lift stops
immediately in case
of any obstruction
Easy-to-fold chair
saves space.
footrest handle.
ergonomic joystick
is easy to operate,
even with limited
hand function.
Also deliverable
with a vertical stop,
to save space
at the bottom of
the stairs.
ThyssenKrupp was one of the fi rst manufacturers
of chairlifts with a company tradition of almost
60 years. We have produced hundreds of
thousands of chairlifts in our factory, and are
continuously improving our production processes
and striving to meet the highest industry standards.
Innovation, High-Quality, Reliability and Safety are
our core competencies.

Our employees develop and produce your chairlift
with a continuous drive for innovation and
customer focus. Our state-of-the-art production
process includes automatic robot welding for
supreme accuracy and stringent quality control
to guarantee not only a reliable, comfortable and
easy-to-use product but also the perfect match for
you and the stairs in your home.

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